Pulled Chicken and Black Bean Crêpesadillas

Like most kids I grew up loving Pancake Tuesday. What’s not to love? Pancakes filled with savoury deliciousness, followed by pancakes filled with sweetness. My mother was amazing – there were five hungry children in our house so that is a lot of batter and flipping for a Tuesday afternoon.

There has been much discussion on my own house over this recipe. I wanted to do something completely different, that would involve the whole family and still be a meal that a little baby could manage and so taaaadaaaa …. the Crêpesadilla was born – thanks to my lovely daughter Jade for the name. It’s like a Quesadilla only it uses Crêpes instead of tortillas! Clever huh?

There are a few easy parts to this recipe and you can omit the ones you don’t want to use. However, I promise if you make them all and wrap in a delicious crêpe you will not be disappointed. This is a combination that was meant to be.

The chicken filling is cooked over a simmering heat which keeps the meat soft and tender. I used my own Mexican spice mix which is really flavoursome. You can leave out the chilli powder if you don’t like a little heat, however it’s good to introduce a little spice so babies get a taste for it early.

Refried beans are one of my own favourite foods. The store bought tinned type however is packed with salt so, I opt to make my own version – simple and super super quick with only 4 ingredients! For the grown up portions (if you are eating this too) season with a little salt and pepper. Just leave this part out for little babies as they don’t need the salt.

The recipe for Guacamole is a simple one, for those who have not tried it before you will never buy guac’ again! It is so easy. Mash, chop, stir. You can quite literally make it in 5 minutes or less and it tastes divine!

Crêpesadillas are really filling. Both adults had 1.5 crêpes, the older kids had 1 each and Oscar (22 months) ate half which left a few crêpes to reheat for breakfast in the morning (the real Pancake Tuesday).

Hope you enjoy them. Would love your feedback!

Happy Flipping!

Aileen x


Pulled Chicken and Black Bean Crêpesadillas

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